Dylan Kinnett - Featured Poet - !SPEAK YOUR PIECE! - 7/14/10 - Baltimore - dylan kinnett baltimore

Dylan Kinnett - Featured Poet - !SPEAK YOUR PIECE! - 7/14/10 — Baltimore

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Dylan Kinnett will be the featured poet for !SPEAK YOUR PIECE! on Wednesday, July 14, 2010. This weekly, featured poet and open mic poetry event takes place every Wednesday night at Singer’s Bar & Restaurant in Mount Vernon, 227 West Chase Street. The event will be preceded by an open mic. Sign-up for the open mic will begin at 6:30 pm. This event is free and open to the public. 

Dylan Kinnett grew up in a small town in West Virginia. While attending college in Tennessee, he wrote a nonlinear, hypertext novella entitled To Win, Simply Play. He has also written a stage play about a street preacher, several published short stories, and the occasional limerick on a bathroom wall. Kinnett is the founding editor of Infinity’s Kitchen, a graphic literary journal of experimental literature. He is a published art critic and occasional slam poet. An album of his spoken word sound pieces was produced last year by Magnanimous Records, entitled Strange Punctuation. He lives and works in Baltimore. 

!SPEAK YOUR PIECE! is hosted and organized by award-winning poet, performer & actor, M. S. Sanders. This event is presented by Singer’s, www.PoetryInBaltimore.com and Concurrence Multimedia. For more information please visit http://speakyourpiece1.weebly.com. 

Singer’s Bar & Restaurant is a boutique restaurant and bar with a focus on current music, comedy, spoken word, independent film and other forms of entertainment in the heart of the cultural district of Baltimore. Singer’s hosts nightly events spotlighting some of the best established performers and upcoming talent from local notables to out of state imports.  

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